The 1960s. Andy Warhol. Pop culture. These form the inspiration for Popsicle: portraits with exaggerated colour and vibrance that "pop" off the page. Even the dullest of walls will take on new life with these expressions of a time gone by where hope, experimentation and rebellion ran wild.



“We pass through the present with our eyes blindfolded. We are permitted merely to sense and guess at what we are actually experiencing. Only later when the cloth is untied can we glance at the past and find out what we have experienced and what meaning it has.”

― Milan Kundera, Laughable Loves



“Be brave, little rabbit. Take a chance.”

― Cherise Sinclair, Breaking Free


Queen Of The Nile

“I was a princess made of ashes; there is nothing left of me to burn.
Now it's time for a queen to rise.”

― Laura Sebastian, Ash Princess