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A Snapshot of You as the Art Collector

A Snapshot of You as the Art Collector

You may not be satisfied just to collect "pretty pictures." You may appreciate art that reveals, questions and provokes. You gravitate toward photography that creates a sense of mystery or provides a glimpse of a story yet to be told.

And while you appreciate many forms of artistic expression you are drawn to the combination of realism and fantasy that can be found only in the realm of photography and in the capture of an ephemeral moment in time. You appreciate that photography preserves our individual and shared history in a fashion that cannot be replicated by any other medium.

Hi, I'm Samuel Quo Vadis. My work is highly personal, frequently intimate, and revealing in unexpected ways. I bring my background in storytelling to the art of creative conceptual portrait photography. For me it is not enough for a photograph to be beautiful: I desire to create a timeless connection between viewer and subject, a connection that transcends our usual relationship to works of art. I create for the connoiseur of fine art portrait photography.

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Thank you and best wishes...

-- Samuel Quo Vadis

Left: "Queen Of The Nile" from the collection "Hollywood"

Right: "Marrakesh" from the collection "Hollywood"


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