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Sculpting With Light

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

The word photography is derived from the Greek words for "light" and "drawing" and has been interpreted to mean "drawing (or painting) with light." However, this does not reflect (no pun intended) my primary approach to photography. My technique is to is "sculpt with light." As a sculptor looks at a block of stone and chips away everything that is not part of his vision, I chip away at the shadows until the form that I desire is revealed. I begin not with light, but with darkness and all its secrets and mysteries. I peel back the blackness and the shadows layer by layer to uncover what lies underneath.

-- Samuel Quo Vadis

"One does not create a photograph with a camera any more than one creates a novel with a pen. Photographs, like novels, are created in the mind."

-- Samuel Quo Vadis

Image: Serenity

Collection: Femme Noir

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